Solar is our Future

On Grid, Off Grid, Grid-Tied, Hybrid, Single Phase, and Three Phase systems


We also specialize in the installation of Wind and Solar systems.  Wind and Solar Renewable Energy Experts is one of our major suppliers of our systems and PC and Q ELECTRICAL as a registered Green Card holder No: INST-1510193 is a registered Reseller of their systems. 

Grid-connected solar inverters are completely dependent on the grid connection. These systems feed the generated solar energy to the grid and you benefit from reduced electricity bill. The electricity supplier is going to charge only the difference between your total usage and solar generated electricity. On-grid or grid-tied inverters don’t provide any assurance against grid failure because once the grid goes down your inverter is set to switch off.

Hybrid solar inverters are also called on-grid battery-tied solar inverters. It is a combination of on-grid and off-grid solar inverter. The solar panel generated power can directly feed to load and charge the battery. At the same time, it can feed the excess energy generated by solar panels to the grid.

This kind of system is very effective in South Africa where power cuts and line failures are frequent. You would require a battery bank to store power for when the power goes down.  Deciding on just how large to make that battery bank, depends largely on what your critical load is – the most important appliances and devices you need to keep the powered up.

These solar inverters give you additional insurance on continuous power when there is either a power failure or not enough power from the solar panels.

Off-grid solar inverters are designed to become completely independent of the electricity supplier. Off-grid solar inverters are best suited for remote homes or holiday houses and allow you to save yourself from outrageous grid connection charges.  But saying this, they have been adopted in by many businesses and households in the city’s after the major power issues experienced over the last few years. Using an off-grid system requires an investment in batteries.