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PC&Q Management Services was established in 1999 to provide the Construction Industry with an outsourcing service extending from:

equipment requirements



Project Management activities

Our company

We are a multi-discipline organization which provides services to our clients for complete projects with in their budget, quality and time frame constraints.

PC&Q Management Services has the available resources with experience in providing quality products in the Major Civil Construction and Major Electrical construction projects and the provision of Intellectual Intelligent Technologies

Our Major Civil experience includes the construction of platforms, roads, concrete works – foundations and building construction.

Our Major Electrical experience ranges from high voltage installations, substations and power lines and rural and urban electrification, – cable networks and reticulation – poles and overhead conductors.  Included in our electrical experience is the installation of Solar Energy Systems

PC and Q Management Services is a Registered Electrical contractor.


our way

As a whole PC and Q Management Services specialize in the Turnkey environment for Projects from:

  • Project Initiation.

Proposal, Prelim Designing, and concept approval

  • Project Planning.

Design, Execution Application, Budgeting

  • Project Execution/Construction.

Resource allocation and Execution

  • Project Monitoring and Control.

, Program Management, Quality Monitoring and Budget Control

  • Project Closure

Hand Over and final commissioning

Our Vision

  • Our Vision is to be a recognised Leader in the Electrical construction industry.  Providing a dedicated and reputable service to our clients through continues improvement.

our Values

Integrity, Honesty & Trust

In the construction industry, a solid reputation is essential.  We keep our promises and our commitments.  We work hard to maintain high ethical standards and to do what’s “right”. 

Commitment to Quality & Safety

We are committed to finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals.  We place a high value on relationships, as these relationships have built our success.  We are committed not only to the quality of the projects we complete, but to the safe working environment of these projects.  Zero Injuries is not just a plan, procedure, or goal – it is a PC&Q Management Services’ core value.


Our most important asset is people and we foster teamwork at all levels.  We value our people and our relationships and enjoy seeing success in others, whether we are helping an employee to reach their full career potential or helping a client by delivering a successful project. 


Mutual respect is essential.  We respect individuals and their opinions and we exhibit the knowledge, skills and attributes to gain respect from others.


Last, but certainly not least, we’re passionate about what we do!  We are excited to be able to provide our clients with a solution that meets their needs and to deliver a quality project.  It’s what gets each of us up each morning and gives us the internal drive to exceed expectations.

Our Association

  • PC&Q Management Services has completed various projects from the initial phase including designing, tendering and execution.

    Due to the design requirements PC&Q Management Services has incorporated the assistance of consulting engineers to provide the designing aspects, civil and electrical respectively.

    The incorporation has major benefits to the execution and deliverables of milestones and the deliverable of a quality product.

our team

Sibu Mogane – Owner

Sibu Mogane


Sibusio has major experience in the construction Industry for over 15 years

Sibusiso’ career started in the electrical construction field and lapped a period of 15 years in the construction of Power lines, Sub Stations and the Electrification of Urban and Rural areas.

Starting his career as a heavy vehicle operator and working himself up to a major site management players in managing site activities and quality control. 

Sibu is one of our major players in the success of our operations.

Gys Smeda Photo

Gys Smeda


Gys has major experience in the Project execution environment, executing projects in the Power Utility Industry for over 18 years
Gys’ career started in the Eskom Environment and lapped a period of 21 years in the construction of Power lines, Sub Stations and the Electrification of Urban and Rural areas.
Qualified as an Electrician, with wireman credentials has major experience in the electrification of residential housing.

Christo Myburgh

Contracts Manager

Christo has major experience in the construction of electrical building industry.
Christo started his career in the construction of power lines and worked his way up to a Site Manager managing the construction of sub transmission substations and power lines.
With at most dedication to “Doing things right” Christo have manage major construction projects in the residential housing construction, construction of sub stations civil works and the installation of electrical equipment.

Executing projects with enthusiasm, Christo has a dedication to customer satisfaction and delivery of a quality product.

Jacques Smeda

Contracts Manager

Jacques has major love for the civil construction Industry
Jacques as a graduate Civil Engineer started his career in the construction industry as a site manager.
With at most dedication to “Doing things right” Jacques is a civil champion and strive to deliver the best in designing, construction and customer satisfaction

Timothy Smeda

Contracts Manager

Timothy is a major enthusiast of the IT industry

Qualified as a PC/Computer/Service Technician loving the installations of networks and making systems work Timothy is major value added to a team 

Customer satisfaction and happiness all round is a secret to his success